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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Preston Blair

Here are more Preston Blair studies from my notebook. I've posted the original page for comparison. These poses I tried to measure exactly how large the proportions, down to the last centimeter. It's probably not a good way to do it, but these are from earlier on in my training.

I hope you enjoy.

Little side-note: I finally bought myself some Col-Erase pencils (red to be exact), and I am going to start using those for my under-drawings. Thanks for the tip Robert. You're a real pal.

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Micara said...

Wonderful work as usual, baby!! <3

Steven Hartley said...

Isn't this from Preston Blair's book on how to animate??

Eric Noble said...

Yep Steven, it is. I got the pages from the ASIFA Animation Archive website.

Steven Hartley said...

Thats good! I've got Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's 'The Illusion of Life', and its a great book.

I did some drawings of the Witch and I might post it on my blog, but not now, as I'm currently in the works of posting my play! But, I'll let you know. ;)

Eric Noble said...

Preston Blair's book is a great start to training as a cartoonist. It teaches you basic cartoon construction. From there you can train yourself to draw more complexly designed characters like the Witch. I recommend it to all aspiring cartoonists, or even artists in general.