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Friday, August 20, 2010

Are My Dreams Futile?: A Litany of Woe

I have been thinking about this very often, and it still plagues me.

Ever since I really got into animation, I have wanted to make feature films with my own stories and characters. I would like to do more adult stories (not tits and ass stories). I had hoped to contribute something positive to the world of animation.

I have always had my doubts about if I would do that, but youthful optimism (or idiocy) has always prevailed. However, ever since I have read The Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies by Edward jay Epstein has almost killed my hopes.

In this book, Epstein shows us how people earn and make money in the world of film. In today's Hollywood, so much money is poured into certain films, that Hollywood executives do everything possible in order for the film to make money. That is why so much of Hollywood emphasizes franchise films. They are more guaranteed, at least in their minds, to make money for their companies.

This makes me fear for those who strive for originality, particularly those in the world of animation. Even in Independent and Foreign circles, it is getting harder to get films made. The film companies like to make films that have a strong American backing.

Now, I know there have been a lucky few who have had the chance to make their own films, like my hero Ralph Bakshi, but that occurred during a time of great upheaval, when the old studio system was dying off and new voices were encouraged. Today's Hollywood encourages routine and almost discourages new voices. One example of this is mentioned in Epstein's book, when an aspiring filmmaker brought forth an idea to a film executive. The executive said, "Too bad this movie hasn't been made before, or we could have done the remake."

Need I say more?


Micara said...

Your dreams are not futile, Eric.

A lot of people are already sick of the same worthless crap that Hollywood has been pumping out the last couple of decades. With this economy, and with the influx of downloading, their sales are going to decline.

I have faith in you, and your talents. I believe that you can accomplish anything, as long as you are willing to work hard at it. And knowing you (and with me being the pushy gal that I am!) it won't be a problem. Besides, although we may have to put up with endless Twilights and other such rubbish, just take faith in the fact that every once in a while an original sleeper like "Juno" squeaks through and surprises everybody. I know that you can be that sleeper. :)

I stand behind you, now and always, in whatever you decide to pursue. <3

Love forever,

Steven Hartley said...

Walt Disney is my real hero and at the moment I'm getting influenced by Tom and Jerry - I too, hope to make an animated-feature when I'm older and it will be a returned to the original hand-drawn animation and it'll be more different than any animated feature, I wouldn't care how bad or good it will be as long as it could be memorable!

I wouldn't try to tell people what my feature will be - just in case someone plagiarised it! Like I did with my teacher at school when I stole his jokes and put them in my play and he read them and said, "That's called plagiarism Mr. Hartley!", and it was always a laugh for me!

Steven Hartley said...

Oh - BTW, I've learnt how to use the scanner with help from my sister and I've started posting the first few pages of my play on my site!

I co-wrote it with my Uncle and its called 'The Play What We Wrote' and I'm very proud of it!