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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do the Duck Fair

Here's another piece of Disney delight. Here is the third and final story from the comic Donald Duck and the Flying Horse.

Jack Bradbury was a former Disney animator until leaving the studio to go into comic books. He worked a lot for Dell Comics (the publishers of the Disney comics). His artwork is good in other books, but he is not that good at drawing the Ducks. When I see his work, it always looks like the beaks aren't that well-attached to their faces, like they glued them on wrong.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

From Walt Disney's Donald Duck Issue No. 27
Writing: Unknown Art: Jack Bradbury

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More DuckTales to come.


Oscar Grillo said...

What's funny is that all the Disney comic artists had to stay in model for the main characters but had carte blanche for the way they drew the secondary ones. There is were I see their true style.

Steven Hartley said...

There's a very interesting biography about Jack Bradbury available on the internet!!

Eric Noble said...

Oscar Grillo - I can their drawing style all over the characters. Even the main characters are drawn differently by each individual artist. Donald as drawn by Carl Barks looks different from Donald as drawn by AL Taliaferro, etc. However, I love how each artist draws the secondary characters. They're fascinating to look at and study.

Eric Noble said...

Steven - I will have to check that out. He also has a website, I believe started by his children. It talks about his comic book work. I have one of Jack Bradbury's comic books, one of his creations. I will put that up soon.