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Friday, August 27, 2010

Guess Who's Going To Be Dinner?

More Disney goodness!! It just keeps coming. I'm going to give it to you until it comes out your ears. Aren't you glad to have a blogger like me?

Anyway, this story concerns The Big Bad Wolf, his son, and his eternal struggle to get The Three Little Pigs into his oven. Only this time a new player is added into this classic farce.

There's also a nice little cameo from some of the birds from Cinderella

From WDC&S No. 115 (April 1950)
Writing/Art: Gil Turner

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Steven Hartley said...

Donald Duck encounters the Big Bad Wolf? Never thought of that!

Eric Noble said...

Steven - Well, stuff like this happens quite a bit in Disney comics. According to them, all Disney characters inhabit the same universe. I prefer to think they inhabit a multiverse, like in DC Comics.