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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Donald vs. Gladstone

Here is more fantastic Disney artwork from my comic book collection. Today, it's a ten pager from "The Good Duck Artist" himself, Carl Barks!! This story is another installment in the eternal struggle between Donald Duck and his everlucky cousin (and nemesis), Gladstone Gander. I hope you enjoy.

"Gladstone's Luck" (WDC&S No. 131)
Writing/Art: Carl Barks

More Disney goodness to come!!
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Steven Hartley said...

I like your postings of Donald Duck - I don't have a scanner to post my comics or drawings, so I have to do it by hand!!

You know, I've actually once written a play with my uncle called, 'The Play What We Wrote', and I'm awfully proud of it (its a stand-up play; lots of jokes and dry-humour), and I'm hoping that later I'll post it!!

Anonymous said...

I love these old Disney comics. Please keep posting 'em, Eric. Sometimes, they seem to have more wit than the actual cartoons themselves, but yet again, I haven't seen as much of the Disney product as a lot of people have, so I'm not too sure about that.

Eric Noble said...

Thank you both. I'm glad you both like what I post. I will try to post some of my drawings at a later date.

Robert - Yeah, sometimes the comics have more wit than the actual cartoons, but Disney does have some great hilarious cartoons. For example, take any Goofy directed by Jack Kinney, Donald Duck cartoons from Jack Hannah. There's a hilarious Mickey Mouse cartoon called "Symphony Hour" that is wonderful to watch. You get to see Mickey Mouse pull a gun out on Donald Duck!!!

Steven Hartley said...

Wow, I'd like to see your drawings!! I would love to post my drawings, but at the moment I can't post them, because I don't have a scanner to post them and I don't have any plans of buying one!!

But maybe I'll find one before long! But not now, since two days ago I was 7 hours on the plane going to my homeplace England and I hardly got any sleep on the flight, but I slept throughout the morning yesterday!!

Steven Hartley said...

Golf is a fun activity I enjoy doing, although I don't go mad like Donald does and snap the golfclub like Donald does.