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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Al Taliaferro Ducks

These comics are more pieces of the comic book collection I own.

These are drawn by Al Taliaferro. He began as an animator for The Walt Disney Studios in 1931 shortly before joining the comics department. He was an inker early on Floyd Gottfredson's run on the Mickey Mouse strip. After working on the Silly Symphonies strip, he began his run on Donald Duck. That gig would run for 30 years, from 1938 to his death in 1969.

He was the artist to originally introduce Donald's famous nephews, one full year before their appearance in the animated short Donald's Nephews. He also co-created other Donald Duck mainstays like Gus Goose, Grandma Duck, and Daisy Duck. Out of all the artists I've seen, Al Taliaferro is the artist who most closely captured the look of the animated shorts.

All of these are from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories Issue No. 115

Writer: Bob Karp Artist: Al Taliaferro

More Taliaferro to come!

Happy Trails


Micara said...

I love seeing your comic collection and hearing the background behind them makes for a richer experience! Thanks for sharing, baby! <3

Steven Hartley said...

Huh, I used to think that Bob Karp was a different name to animator Lynn Karp, but its different people.

Lynn Karp animated Figaro from Pinocchio, and Bob Karp was a comic-artist of Donald Duck, I believe.

Like the Donald Duck illustrations.

P.S. Isn't your profile picture of the ginger-bearded wizard from Ralph Baskhi's 'Wizards'?

Oscar Grillo said...

LOOOOVE these!!!