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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haunted Houses and Talking Ducks

Today I bring you a piece of the collection of Disney Comics I own.

The earliest issue I own is Walt Disney's Comics and Stories no. 115 from April 1950.

Art: Walt Kelly

After this, and an inside comic strip, is the first story of our comic book. Drawn by regular Mickey Mouse artist Paul Murry, it shows he was slightly better at drawing the Ducks than the Mice. Less mushy, but still plenty of energy in the poses and drawings.

Writer: Unknown Artist: Paul Murry

There will be more to come later.

Coming soon: Al Taliaferro Donald strips


Steven Hartley said...

I do like Donald Duck on the shorts and he is very funny with his tantrum, and its a cool collection you have here!! I do actually collect comics, in fact on my website (Blabbing on Arts and Culture; I've seen your comments before) I did a post on my favourite British comics, 'The Beano' and 'The Dandy', which are British comics, and I love the puns there!

However, the Donald Duck comics are really entertaining, and I also like Mickey Mouse stuff!! My comic collection only goes back to 1987, which isn't really much long ago!!

Interesting posts you have here!!

Micara said...

Great blog, baby! Seeing a new bog from you makes my day!! <3