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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whose Tarzan is the True King of the Jungle?

Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs (9/1/1875 - 3/19/1950) has been adapted into many media, but we're here to talk about the comics version.

The Tarzan comic strip debuted on January 7, 1929, drawn by Hal Foster, future creator of the long-lasting adventure classic, Prince Valiant. After him came a legendary run by renowned comics artist Burne Hogarth, and many others.

So now here's the question. Whose Tarzan reigns supreme?

Hal Foster


Burne Hogarth

You decide!!!

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Steven Hartley said...

I'm afraid I can't answer the question since I don't know a lot about Tarzan.

But, this comic appears to be as a text story just like a comic but with no speech bubbles. We had text story comics during the early days of the Beano and the Dandy even though I don't own any of the old ones and the oldest comic I have of the Beano only goes as far back as 1987.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these Tarzan comic strips before, but based on what you've posted here, I think I would prefer Burne Hogarth's version of the classic story, even though the draftsmanship in the first strip is also superb.

Eric Noble said...

Steven - Yeah, the Tarzan strip was, at least during the run of the first two artists, were a hybrid of text story and comic. In some strange way, it worked. Hal Foster would continue to use this method on Prince Valiant.

Robert - Yeah, Burne Hogarth definitely brings a sense of energy to his work. However, I prefer Hal Foster's sense of composition. It's much clearer and more readable to me.

Micara said...

I like the second one cause he has better muscles. :)

Jim Smith said...

I have to go with Foster, one of the great illustrators. Hogarth is a great teacher and his books on anatomy are the bible to me. They don't look like real humans but the construction makes it all too clear how things are put together.

Eric Noble said...

Jim - I have the Hogarth anatomy, but I feel I have to work my way up to them. I need to improve my draftsmanship before I can even begin to draw like Hogarth.