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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gyro's Gear is Loose

More Disney Goodness Boys and Girls!!!

This time it's our favorite inventor from Duckburg, Gyro Gearloose!! I know it's short, but I hope you all enjoy it.

From Walt Disney's Uncle ScroogeIssue No. 18
Writing/Art: Carl Barks

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Anonymous said...

That was a fun read. Carl Barks can sure draw for sure! I even heard that the guys behind Inception (which I have not seen and personally have no desire to see anyway, even though this classmate in my junior language arts class liked it) ripped one of his ideas off. Thanks, Eric. Can't wait for the next installment of Disney comics, and maybe if you can, could you post some of Harvey Kurtzman's or Cliff Sterett's work on your blog as well? Just asking.

Steven Hartley said...

He seems to be some comic character that didn't appear in the shorts that's probably why I ain't familiar with him.

Isn't there any stuff you have with that professor duck or something with the name sort of like McDuck?

Eric Noble said...

Robert - Actually, Inception supposedly ripped off one of Don Rosa's Duck stories.

I'll see if I have any Kurtzman or Sterrett in my collection. :)

Steven - You"re right Steven; Gyro Gearloose only appeared in the comics and not in the shorts. However, he did later appear in the popular Ducktales TV series.

The professor character you're thinking of is Professor Ludwig Von Drake, who is one of Donald's uncles, but I don't think he's related to Scrooge.

Steven Hartley said...

Oh I forgotton that name: Ludwig Von Drake although it sound more German or Swiss or a bit Austrian.

I've seen Ludwig in the remake version of Mickey and the Beanstalk, and I believe he was in a few of those Sing Along Songs video tapes.

Speaking of DuckTales, I must be honest with you I've never seen an episode or even the Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. I guess that was before my time a little bit, when though when I was young it was still on but I saw previews on it on one of the Disney VHS I owned and it looked interesting.