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Friday, October 8, 2010

More MAD Treasures

As I promised kiddies, more goodies from the original MADmen.

It is obvious that the MAD employees thought very highly of their boss. Bill Gaines had to have been one of the greatest editors to ever have graced any field of publication. As far back as the late forties and early fifties, the heyday of EC Comics, Bill Gaines let his artists be creative. He never tried to censor them or make them conform to a house style. He let them do their job, the way they wanted it done. That alone earns him my respect.

Okay, the big speech is over. I'll let you guys enjoy the funny pictures. Have fun kids.

I love Jack Davis' use of color here. You can feel the heat of the Moroccan sun. Brilliant.

More MAD goodness to come!!!


Steven Hartley said...

I like the Leaning Tower of Pisa one there - that's pretty funny!!

Will Finn said...

Thanks for sharing these. I read this book in high school and these Don Martin drawings are some of his best, in my opinion. The one of Gaines as "The Snow Queen" is one of my all time favorites...

Eric Noble said...

Steven - It is pretty funny. Paul Coker is a talented cartoonist, just like the rest of The Gang.

Will - Don Martin was a marvelously talented cartoonist in general. A true original.