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Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Frazetta For Your Blog!!

Hello folks. Sorry I haven't updated for awhile. I've been trying to write something inspiring, but it's not coming to me. So here are more luscious works of art for you to salivate over, straight from the Lord himself. Enjoy.

Until Next Time


Makavetis said...

Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

Steven Hartley said...

Those are some great drawings there, it reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons a tiny bit.

Your posts are inspiring, I mean when you posted the Walt Disney comics that inspired me to post some Beano stuff and my play, and now today I've scanned some of my drawings and I posted them on my blog.

Although I do like your posts and it sometimes helps me and I'm stuck and I don't know what to post about - and I think its very helpful. Keep it up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Only a superhuman could have drawn these. Seriously.

More, Eric! Please keep posting.