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Saturday, December 18, 2010

More of Gulbransson's Magic Line

Today, I give you more of Olaf Gulbransson and his magic lines. They flow so smoothly, like a classical symphony. These are the rest of them from the book on Simplicissimus I have.

"Excuse me, please, don't you have anything depraved here? But not too bad, so a man can take his wife along."

Calm Sea
"You have such charm, Fred! I admire your tastefully composed personality."

"And bring me back a fig leaf from Italy. I can't afford a suit any more."

The Last Foothold
"I don't believe in God any more, I don't believe in people any more-and now you want to make me sick of cards, too!"

After Dinner
"Of course, you still have to hold that big gawky boy on your lap!"
"Let me alone. You need your paper for your digestion, I need my motherly love."

"The tedesco can't even do that without his book!"

The Power of Music
"When I hear them play, I love them both. After the concert I prefer a prizefighter."

I hope you've enjoyed them.


Oscar Grillo said...


Oscar Grillo said...

Did you know that the COMPLETE run of Simplicissimus is on line?

Steven Hartley said...

These are some pretty good stuff. I like seeing German artwork; even in my History book about "Nazi Germany", I saw some anti-Nazi stuff and they were brilliant! Too bad that the Nazis got rid of anything that opposed to the Nazis.

Adolf Hitler was actually a skilled painter, and originally wanted to be an artist.

Eric Noble said...

Oscar, that is AWESOME!! Where did you find that?

Katella Gate said...

I don't know if it needs an explanation, but the second to last panel refers to the "Baedeker", which was a very popular travel book like Fodor's would be today, and "tedesco" is the Italian word for German.