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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Walt Disney Treasures Reissues: My Dream

This is going to be a pretty quick post. I am just here to say that I hope one day that the Walt Disney Company rereleases the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs.

The reason I bring this up is because I got a copy of the above DVD set from the library today. I put in the first disc and it wasn't able to play. Also, I am unable to fork out out the near seventy bucks that it would take to get it on Amazon.

I came in late to collecting the Walt Disney Treasures sets. I have four sets, but I want the others, particularly the cartoons. I think Disney should do it. I feel they could make a financial gain from this. You have new generations of die-hard Disney fans who will be unable to get their hands on the treats that lie on these DVDs. Give them a chance. They could do it in the same manner as the features.

I think I should start a letter-writing campaign to see if I can get this accomplished. It's worth a try.

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Jay said...

I feel for ya man. I have this, but I had to pay $80 on EBay to get the Goofy Set.