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Friday, January 29, 2010

Victor "Vicky" Weisz (1913-1966)

Here's another post on the great political cartoonists from across the pond.

This time it's Victor Weisz, aka "Vicky". He was born in Berlin, Germany on April 25, 1913 to Hungarian -Jewish parents. When the Nazis took over the magazine he was working for in 1935, he fled to England. He then worked as a freelancer for various newspapers, including The Daily Mirror and The Evening Standard until he inherited Philip Zec's job as political cartoonist for That Daily Mirror in 1954.

Here are samples of his work:

In the 1950s, Vicky satirized Prime Minister Harold McMillan as "Supermac" (see below)

Unfortunately, Victor Weisz suffered from depression and insomnia. He committed suicide on February 22, 1966

For more on the work of the great British political cartoonists, go to The British Cartoon Archive

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Anonymous said...

Japanese spam aside, this is some excellent art you're posting, Eric. Keep it up!!!

Mr. Trombley said...

Mr Noble,

I just now went back through my old blog posts and found your comments. I apologize for leaving it hanging for so long.

About your post on pathos: you walk in hallowed halls friend! Pathos the word is a loan word from greek, a remnant of our once infinite cultural debt to Aristotle.

Aristotle's work on comedy has not survived. But I think you might find his concept of "anagnorisis" interesting! Anagorisis is the moment in which the character finally understands his situation. Aristotle, of course, had in mind the serious drama of Oedipus's self-blinding. A more modern example would be the scene in The Maltese Falcon which Wilmer tearfully tries to assert dominance when he knows that everyone is happy to betray him.

Comedy frequently is about lacking this sudden revelation. "No Learning, No Hugs" said Seinfeld, and certainly The Stooges never attained enlightenment. Do you think this is a superficial aspect or a key difference between comedy and drama?

locuriatoons said...

jajajaja,me encanta todo lo que haces,en verdad da risa,un saludo colega!

K. Nacht said...

Very much enjoyed this series of posts on British political cartoons from the war era.

My mother has a great book, a Japanese publication, thus all in Japanese, which treats of soviet cartooning and illustration during the war years. It's really exquisite stuff.

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. Good stuff!