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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Fall of Modern Civilization (as Evidenced by YouTube)

Today, I wish to talk about a little event that has told me that we are in the decline of modern civilization. This little birdie came from YouTube (who didn't see that one coming?). Now, I was watching videos, when there was a tagline for a video for an artist showing off his drawings. I watched the video, and I felt he had some talent, but he lacked the basic construction to really pull it off. Here's what I posted:

"A nice attempt, but I would work on the artwork. Your work lacks basic construction. "

Here's the reply I got from the director

"It lacks construction because thats the way I want it. Just look at todays best cartoons like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and SouthPark."

I said I pitied him, and he said I shouldn't look at his work if I didn't like it, so I left it alone. Just today, I got this reply from another viewer:

"I don't know what the hell you talking about dude!! Basic Construction?? It is nothing but basic construction but good construction. Just because it isn't tacked with crazy effects and pumped with photoshop doesn't mean it lacks good quality. You have to have alot of guts to down someone else' work. Look at family guy. His isn't pumped with photoshop it's just good quality basic construction work. His work has even been featured in Bodacious mag. How is that bad construction-loser!!"

Here is the video itself so you be the judge of whether I was right or wrong.

See you later


Anonymous said...

Worry not, 'cause our extinction is inevitable.

On a more serious note, I kind of agree with what you said, but you must remember that not all people can be bothered/ interested in learning such basic, yet extremely important knowledge. Or in that guy's case, he doesn't realize what you meant by "basic construction."

I should know, since I had learned the hard way when I was trying to help one of my friends in art class, and while he had such wonderful ideas, he lack any principles of basic drawing. Feeling sympathetic, I partially decided to teach him, not realizing that I had unintentionally did his homework.

He didn't care if he had passed the course, so in a sense, it didn't bother me, because I had better things to tackle.

Also, back at my High school, most of the students who attended the Art class were either small groups of pot heads or sluts, only to use that class time to heckle the students who ACTUALLY wanted to use that valuable time to study, which made it somewhat impossible. In due time, those idiots had dropped out of the class, with was a god send to the others and I.

So let him not worry you, but if you do find a young kid who wants to know the valuable secret of being an artist or cartoonist, but doesn't know where to go, just show him to the ASIFA Animation archive, show him the lesions, and help, but don't interfere with his progress.

It would also help if you showed him how the things around him can ignite his creative spark, and introduce him to the great & unknown artists of old.

Say if he wanted to be a painter, and he did the lessons, and then showed you his work of progress, never criticize his efforts as mere drawings, and be excited when he brings what he can muster to the table.

And if that doesn’t work, then it’s his problem, not yours.

Sorry for ranting at such an unreasonable pace, but I hope what I had written this can get that pea-brained FA off your mind.

From an inspiring artist/ cartoonist

Michael J. Ruocco said...

I agree with both of you.

Art class in my school was exactly how Bruce described his. My teacher was a saint, & the serious artists (myself included) really wanted to learn, but a majority of the kids in there were slackers, pot-heads & dicks who only took the class because it counted as a credit & was the closest thing to a free period. They completely disrupted & destroyed our classtime& I feel that I missed out a lot because of them turning the class upside-down each day. It's bad enough that we got only 40-minutes a day to strut our artistic stuff.

I used to draw without basic construction, thinking all those lines were a worthless & stupid step, but looking back I realized how foolish I was to think that. Basic Construction is essential! Nearly every drawing I do is drawn rough with construction lines intact, then I go back & clean them up (if I want to). Sadly, even though I construct the drawings, I still feel that my drawing is lacking & flat, almost like the guy in the video's work! It's those 2 things that I think really held me back. I wish I could draw like Glen Keane or Dean Yeagle or Chris Sanders, but at this point that seems futile. Who knows, maybe I'll improve. Time shall tell.

Being a 'cartooning teacher', I tell the kids that basic drawing skills are extremely important. Some of them follow my words & work hard at it, but many others "want to draw like South Park or Family Guy". It's almost like their being brainwashed. But the sincere artists hopefully will understand the importance of drawing.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, Constantin Stanislavski once said no kind of theater lasts more than 20 years. Slava Polunin actually shut down his successful clown theater because of this.

Michael Sporn said...

The poor lad isn't able to draw or spell properly, but he knew how to place a copyright on every third-rate drawing.
It's a waste of time trying to give advice these days. Too few folk to listen.

Jon, Garaizar. superstar said...

was that real?
this guy only draws fat, cartoon girls?

any way yeah. don't bother with "licky".