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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bakshi Needs Our Help

Would you like to see some ACTUAL ADULT Animation?

Do you want to see this beloved artform rise from the ashes of mediocrity?

To start it, Bakshi must be able to complete his latest film, "The Last Days of Coney Island". His budgets were all used up and he needs more money.

This might just happen if we buy Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi. The sales of this upcoming book might just convince someobody to give Bakshi some money to finish what he started.

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eleKtrofly said...

wow-- i've never heard of bakshi-- i will further research this

Emmett said...

I would love to see Bakshi's directing style back in form. It wasn't just so much in how Bakshi handled his animators, but his overall direction of every detail. He sought out ways to do things differently and inventively.

Will Finn said...

Weirdo, where do these images come from? Is it a site? I am glad you like Bakshi, he was the great hope of the seventies, probably animation's darkest decade.

Anybody who doesn't know who he is should haul over to YouTube (much as I hate it) and start there. Unfortunately too many of his films are still not available on DVD. and whatever you do, don't start with COOL WORLD.

Will Finn said...

Weirdo, despite your recommendation, I have to admit i have not seen the YouTube version of HEY GOOD LOOKIN', though I did see some of COONSKIN there (I saw that film in the theater and also had it on VHS at one point). I hate the framerate on YT though and want to give "HGL" a fair shake the first time I see it. I guess that makes me a hypocrite for steering people to YouTube to see Bakshi!

At least WIZARDS, HEAVY TRAFFIC and FRITZ are available on DVD.... Those are all pretty good ones.

chrisallison said...

WHOA. didn't know bakshi was working on a new film. i'd like to know the answer to will's question. where you getting the info/pictures on bakshi? i can't wait to get the book.

Jon, Garaizar. superstar said...

how i have not heard of this?