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Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting Up to Date

Hello everybody!

Sorry I haven't updated in months. Been feeling uninspired, not to mention I was finishing up with school. I'm here now to give you a little update on what's happening.

First off, I'm in Montana right now at my grandmother's house. She doesn't have Internet access, so I have to use the town library and a laptop my sister lent me. I won't be back for a few weeks, but if you've waited this long, a few more weeks will mean nothing to you.

As far as drawing goes, I have been making my way through Paul Richer's classic tome, Artistic Anatomy (below)

I'm going through each of the anatomy plates and drawing them. I'm trying to understand how the parts of the body work and how they work as a whole. After that, I want to go through Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth. Wish me luck with this.

Again, my biggest hurdle is getting enough motivation to just sit down and do it. Wish me even more luck with this.

Next time, I'll try to post a few drawings.

Until Next Time

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