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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Art of Jim Steranko's "Talon"

According to The Jim Steranko Website: "Steranko created a barbarian hero for Marvel Comics named Talon. Marvel rejected Steranko's concept and Jim planned to publish Talon on his own. Although that graphic story has yet to materialize, some great drawings were produced"

For more great Steranko artwork, including a great story called The Block , go here:

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joe bloke said...

wow. now, THAT'S art. man, could jim steranko draw, or what? endlessly imitated, never bettered. i think i'd probably put him in the same place that i hold neal adams and gil kane. the man was - and probably still is, for all i know, i haven't seen much by him in a while - a master. i've got a copy of his Outlands adaptation around here, somewhere. it's an astonishing book.

terrific post, weirdo, mate, and that's a red hot link, as well.

Oh, yeah. regards the scanner thing. it's really easy. you buy a scanner ( or pinch your brother's, which is what i did )and install it ( it should come with a driver disc if it's new, if it's second-hand just download the right driver off one of the many free software sites out there - i used ). then, all you need to do is install a simple image-editing program. mine's a piece of pants called " ulead photo express," but, hey, it does what it says on the tin. there you go. bob's your uncle. hope that helps, mate. looking forward to perusing your selection of mighty scans in the near future, i hope.

dogboy443 said...

Image number four was released as a poster in the late 70's. It was printed on terribly thin paper and the color printing wasn't the best, but it was a great image and it hung on my bedroom door until it disintegrated.

Julian said...

Awesome. Thank you for this post, I love Steranko.