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Friday, November 30, 2007

Philosophy Corner

Okay, while I'm trying to sort out the posts I have planned, I'm going to pose a philosophical question. I would like to try to start a debate.

Here it is: Are Human Beings Monogamous by Nature?

My Opinion: No they are not.

My Evidence: People who are married will sometimes have affairs. Many problems arise in marriage, like money, lack of physical attraction, abuse, feelings of spite and others. While there are those who do stay in monogamous relationships, it is because they have made a conscious decision to stick together. As my American Diversity professor said, "If humans were meant to be monogamous, when we married, all other people would cease to be attractive." Obviously, though people are married, they still look at others and say "I want a piece of that."

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.


Mr. Trombley said...

The sexual imprinting claims that people who live in close quarters for long periods of time lose sexual interest in each other, which is why we don't find our immediate family sexy even if they are attractive.

Interestingly, Freud (and the men he treated) was (were) raised by a wet-nurse and wouldn't have the "normal" imprinting with his (their) mother(s)

Kenny P. said...

I've read (somewhere) that we're wired for serial monogamy.